The best of the hotels in Scarbourgh

Hotels in Scarbourgh are pretty easy to come by but a really great low cost hotel is not. That is why we have picked out a great hotel for you that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

When it comes to great low cost hotels in Scarborough the 'Best Western' reigns supreme. There are Best Westerns all over the world and they always have great service, clean, comfortable rooms and they are totally affordable. The Best Western in Scarborogh is no exception!

Let's start with the features that are available to you. Complimentary breakfast, fitness centre, pool, hot tub and high speed internet in every room. That is pretty much everything you need to be comfortable and stay entertained while you stay at this great hotel.

Of course there is a restaurant and a lobby bar so you can chill out and enjoy a great meal and maybe a cheeky night cap before you hit the sack. The bedrooms are spacious and the beds are extra large to ensure the best nights sleep you can get away from home. With a television and wifi right in your room you will find it hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

You can stay in the Best Western for as little as £80 at a standard rate. There are always great special offers on also, be sure to check them out to knocked even more off the price. As far as hotels in Scarborough go, the Best western is the perfect blend of low cost and quality, hit up the website and see if it's the hotel for you!


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