Top budget hotels in Santa Ponsa - a review

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Santa Ponsa is a top seaside resort and there are a number of accommodation options to choose from. The following are some of the best budget hotels in Santa Ponsa.

Aparthotel Holiday Centre

This apartment complex is located in tranquil area just minutes from the beach in Santa Ponsa. All apartments are fully equipped for self-catering. Each apartment block has a central garden area and terrace. Other facilities include children's playground, bar, restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. Prices start from just £20.

Deya Apartments

The Deya Apartments are located in the heart of Santa Ponsa and are just a short distance to the beach. They provide self catering accommodation and there are a number of cafes, bars and restaurants nearby. The hotels has a swimming pool with a large terrace area and there is a paddling pool for children. Prices range from £10 per person per night to £40.

Jardin del Mar

The Jardin del Mar overlooks the Santa Ponsa Bay. Leisure facilities include a fitness centre and volleyball court and there is also a sauna and an indoor pool. Wi-Fi is free throughout the complex. They also have a cafe bar with a number of big screens.

Sun Beach

This hotel complex is ideally located in the town centre of Santa Ponsa. It is just 70 metres from the nearest beach and has its own outdoor pool. Other facilities include bar, restaurant and children’s play area. All apartments come with all modern facilities, air conditioning and balcony. Rates start from under £20.

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