Sifting Through the Hotels in New York

Hotels in New York

When searching for hotels in New York, consider location, use, and of course, budget. Make sure you find a hotel in the area you will be spending the most time in, don’t spend more than you need to, and get the best value for your dollar.

Location, Location, Location

New York City is huge, covering an area of 303 square miles and comprising 5 different boroughs. The most famous borough is Manhattan, home to Central Park, Time Square and Wall Street. Densely populated Brooklyn is famous for its artists, music, and Coney Island. Vibrant Queens has residents speaking nearly 200 different languages and you can go and watch a New York Yankees game in the Bronx.


New York Hotels fall under a number of categories. Are you looking for long-term or short-term stay? With so much to do in the city, how much time will you be spending in your hotel room. Don’t splash out on a luxury 5-star hotel if you’re on a flying visit to do some shopping or visit the theatre. You’ll be so busy exploring what the city has to offer, you’ll only use your hotel as a place to rest your head at night.


Spend just £25 on a dorm room or pay as much as £20,000 to get one of the best rooms at the Four Seasons. Shop around, as there are some great deals on New York hotels to be found. Peak times are mid-March through to December. Although busy all year round, you may be able to find better rates during the January to early March period. If you’re planning to stay a bit longer, go for a hotel further away from tourist hot spots. With plenty of time to spare, you can stay at a much cheaper hotel and take advantage of the city’s extensive public transport system.

Check out a variety of websites, such as new.york.hotelguide.net or nyhotelguide.com. Hotels in New York are abundant and with minimal effort, you should easily find somewhere to suit your criteria.

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