Hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza never runs out of its festive nightlife and wild beach parties. Every corner of this island city radiates a party atmosphere. The Ibiza hotels, with their spectacular views of the island, pleasurable amenities, and fun-filled activities, seem to prove this fact.

A hotel near Playa d’en Bossa beach, Hotel Torre Del Mar stands out with its tower amid a circular pool, just a few metres away from the Mediterranean Sea. Book yourself into the standard double room, and enjoy impressive views of the sea, mountains, and the cityscape. The room is comfortable, and comes with satellite TV and Wi-Fi Internet access. Spend a little more for the double room with a sitting room, and you’ll get to enjoy a cosy lounge area, furnished lobby, and the same breathtaking look at the island.

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Resisting the lure of the Ibiza beaches may be nearly impossible, but staying in the hotel has its own rewards. Let your kids enjoy the children's outdoor pool, or take a relaxing dip in the heated indoor pool with its glass-walls giving you a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains and buildings. The sauna in the fitness area features a Jacuzzi and a Turkish bath. You can play a game of tennis or table tennis, and work out in the gym.

In the centre of Ibiza town is the Royal Plaza Hotel, where you will experience unparalleled elegance. Treat yourself to an extraordinary dining experience at Le Relais Restaurant, with its marble floors and striking furniture. Headed by Chef Francisco Vila, the restaurant offers Basque cuisine. On the sixth floor, next to the pool, you’ll find the Restaurant Snack Plaza, a great place to have a break and take in the view of the city and the nearby cathedral. Relax and unwind in Bar Royal on the ground floor. Its chic design and plasma television provide a warm atmosphere perfect for a round of drinks over casual chatting.

Other Ibiza hotels to choose from are Sirenis Hotel Club Goleta, Hotel El Corso, and Hotel Argos.

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