How to find Hotels in Paris, France Cheap

Hotels in France cheap

Paris offers many things to do, see and buy during your stay. With several attractions during the day and a bustling night life, you may only find yourself in your hotel room for a few hours a day. When it comes to budgeting, a busy holiday in Paris may allow you to save some money on a hotel room. Learn a few ways on how to find hotels in Paris, France cheap.

Use a Travel Agent:

Travel agents get paid to find you the best deals on travelling arrangements. If you travel often, you may already have a travel agent your regularly work with. However, if you have never used a travel agent before, ask friends and family to see if they have someone to recommend. So, because agents cannot make a full salary on airline and hotel commissions, you will incur a small fee. However, your agent can set up everything from a good hotel fee, to admission tickets to any attraction of interest.

Look for Discounts:

If you are securing your hotel without an agent, search for hidden discounts. Students, elderly and retired or active military often have a good chance of having a discount already in place. If these discounts are not advertised, talk with the customer service in the hotel, and see if you can work out a discount. Oftentimes, you can negotiate the price of a room far below what the hotel asks. Be firm, polite and willing to walk away and find another hotel if you cannot get a good bargain.

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