Hotels in Dublin, Ireland

Many of the large international hotel chains offer properties in Dublin, ranging from the high-end Westin and Four Seasons to the budget-friendly Days Inn and Holiday Inn. These choices offer visitors predicable quality and international customer service, although local flavour may be somewhat diminished.

A wide range of Irish-owned hotels and guesthouses provide the country's renowned hospitality without the feel of a corporate hotel chain. The spectrum of hundreds of choices includes such examples as the luxury Clarence Hotel (owned and operated by members of the rock band U2), and the no-frills O'Neil's Victorian Pub and Townhouse (where rooms above their circa 1885 pub have been rented by the same family for over one hundred years).

Finally, visitors looking for some home-cooked hospitality can choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or country house just outside the city limits. Ireland's Town and Country Homes Association is the country's leading accommodation provider, with over 1,100 approved homes throughout the country. Look for a home that is a member of this association to ensure a quality stay.

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