Looking for cheap hotels in Bundoran, Co. Donegal?

On booking.com there is a great variety of choice for hotels in Bundoran, Co. Donegal with cheaper options including hostels, caravans and camping also.

The top rated hotel is the Great Northern Hotel, a hotel in 130 acres of land, that includes an 18 hole golf course in a parkland in the town of Bundoran. The hotel has many facilities for your conveinence including a gym, an indoor pool, a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi as well as the Tir Connaill Restaurant and two bars. Most rooms have either a view of the golf course or of the coast. The price for a double room for two people costs €120 for both midweek & weekend when paying in advance. A later booking will cost that little bit more at €152 and it includes a free cancellation policy and a free breakfast in the morning.

Other hotels, similar in price and standards include the Grand Hotel that is on the main street and only 5 minutes walk from Bundoran Beach, for those looking for a more central location. Double rooms range from €88 midweek to €108 at the weekend. For those travelling with children a look at the Holyrood Hotel might prove to be a winner, with an indoor pool and 'Bubble pool' for children, and they also have a kids club running through July & August. A double room booked in advance costs just over €132 while a last minute booking will cost €148. Those travelling with children can secure a family room for €182 that sleeps upto four.

With such choice in hotels, Bundoran Co Donegal could be a winner this Summer. Check out booking.com for your next weekend away.

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