Find hotels in Eastbourn

Hotels in Eastbourn

Use online holiday acommodation search engines to find and book hotels in Eastbourn and close to Eastbourne for a holiday beside the seaside. Use a hotel accomodation search site to look for your perfect Eastbourn accomodation in boutique hotels, hotels with seaside view, and hotel guesthouses. Try some of these sites to find your perfect hotel in Eastbourn.

Booking.com is a great site for searching through and booking hotels in the UK, they have 75 listings for hotels in and near Eastbourn ranging from one star accomodation to five star hotels in Eastbourn. The one five star hotel in Eastbourne listed at bookings.com is The Grand Hotel which is situated on the promenade. A deluxe double room for two adults for a seven night stay starting on November 1st 2011 is priced at only £930, down from its normal weekly price of £1218.

For a more affordable stay in Eastbourn, bookings.com is currently featuring the Cavendish Hotel as one of its favourites. This is a hotel on Eastbourne's Grand parade which has a fantastic guest rating and rooms cost only £43.00 per night.

For something a littel bit special, a stay at the watersidehoteleastbourne.com gives guests a little bit extra. It is a boutique hotel whihch caters to weddings and also offers suites. They often run special offers with a 2 night spa package for a couple costing only £200 throughout October and November. Each adult staying in the room gets a complimentary spa treatment and a full cooked breakfast each morning which can be served in your room.

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