Three Highly-Rated Hotels in Benalmadena Costa del Sol

Hotels Benalmadena Costa del Sol

Use sites like Expedia.co.uk or TripAdvisor.co.uk to help you find suitable hotels in Benalmadena Costa del Sol. While one hotel suits families with children's programs and family-friendly accommodations, another could be geared towards singles or couples. Knowing the amenities and rooms before you book saves stress and hassle during your holiday in Spain. All rates are based on October 2011 prices and are subject to change without notice.

Benalmadena Palace

Hotel Spa Benalmadena Palace (BenalmadenaPalace.com) suits singles, couples and families. With two outdoor pools, a large indoor pool and spa and two nearby beaches, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the Spanish sun. Guest rooms have balconies, satellite television and kitchenettes. The Children's Club provides a safe place for children to have fun while parents head to the hotel bar or restaurant. Rates start at £40 per night for a studio apartment or £50 for a one bedroom apartment.

Hotel Alay

With views of the Benalmadena Marina, Hotel Alay (HotelAlay.com)is an elegant hotel close to bars, restaurants and beaches. Guests enjoy a private car park, pool and tennis court. The bar offers nightly specials with pints as low as £1.75 and glasses of wine starting at €1.30. The hotel offers golf weekends and room rates start at £60 per night.

Hotel Vincci Seleccion Aleysa en Benalmadena

Elegant accommodations await at Hotel Vincci Seleccion Aleysa en Benalmadena (VincciHoteles.com). The boutique hotel and spa is in on the beach and very close to the airport, casino and golf. Horseback riding and sailing are also popular activities. Rates start at £115 per night for a double room and £140 for a junior suite. Room rates include a buffet breakfast.

Use Online Resources to Compare Hotels

With a range of prices and amenities available, you'll find there are dozens of hotels and self-catering accommodations in Benalmadena. Take advantage of sites like Expedia.co.uk that offer customer reviews of hotels in Benalmadena Costa del Sol.

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