We check out where to get deals on hotels in Benalmadena

Are you thinking of visiting the beautiful Spanish resort of Benalmadena? This fantastic town has been a huge hit with Brits for decades, and in this blog we are going to help you get the best possible deal on staying there as we take a closer look at hotels in Benalmadena and where you can get the best possible deals on them. So lets check them out!

Benalmadena enjoys a brilliant location on the southern coast of Spain close to Malaga, and it enjoys pretty much year-round sunshine making it a fantastic holiday destination. It is served by flights from Malaga, meaning UK holidaymakers can get there for a bargain price thanks to the likes of EasyJet. Hotels in the area are easy to get a bargain in if you know where to look, and we have found a few sites offering great deals.

A fantastic site we recommend checking out first is www.malagaholidays.com as it is based in the area, and has a huge selection of hotels in Benalmadena for bargain rates. This site offers some brilliant last minute deals too, and contains a wealth of info on the resort and the surrounding areas, making it a great resource for travellers.

Another brilliant locally based site we recommend having a gander at is www.hotelsinbenalmadena.co.uk/. The reason these sites can offer such brilliant deals is that they are often owned by the same companies who own the hotels, meaning they pass on savings directly to consumers, by-passing travel agents and middle men, and leaving huge bargains for you.


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