A guide to hotels in Bangkok Thailand

Hotels in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok has seen rapid development and a very healthy tourist industry in recent years, and as a result many contemporary hotels have also sprung up.

The Siam Kempinski Hotel is one of many new, high class hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. It is built amidst landscaped tree lined grounds, dotted with multiple pools and pagodas, and is mere minutes from several shopping centres and a sky train station. The five star hotel itself has spacious rooms with flat screen televisions, private balconies and free Wi-Fi. It also has three restaurants, two bars and a spa and fitness centre. Prices start at around £150 a night, and to find out more or make a booking go to kempinski.com.

For a slightly cheaper stay consider the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, it is right in the centre of the city, although on a quiet side street so you won't be disturbed. It's also near a sky station, and like the Siam Kempinski Hotel it is five star rated. It has a swimming pool, sauna and gym, a restaurant, two bars and a bakery, and while the exact features of the rooms vary depending on how much you're prepared to pay, they are all spacious and have flat screen TV's with satellite channels, as well as free internet access. Prices start at around £50 a night, but if it's a special occasion then there's the option to pay more for a Presidential, Chairman or Royal suite, all of which feature private jacuzzi's among other luxuries. You can make a booking for any of their rooms from bangkok.com.

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