Hotel night wardens ensure quality kip

Travelodge, one of the UK's largest hotel chains is finally giving its guests an almost absolute guarantee of a good night's sleep in its hotels. For those party animals for whom throwing the television out of the window is just the beginning, there are the night wardens, whose job it is to ensure customers get their money's worth.

Working whilst city boys are getting their beauty sleep for tomorrow's big meeting, teams of night-wardens patrol the corridors with the power to ask guests to pack up and leave, should they be causing too much of a disturbance, MSNBC reports.

Along with money problems and stress caused by work, sleep deprivation is no laughing matter for the UK's adult population, a recent survey reports. Travelodge recognise, however, that those checking into their hotels are mainly concerned about a comfortable bed and some decent rest. They even reschedule deliveries for non-antisocial hours, to suit those having snooze. As for other hotels and hostels, a pre-paid 'party waiver' and babysitting unruly trouble makers also seem to be keeping the noise at a respectable level.

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