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Hotel Hilton

The Hilton group has become one of the biggest hoteliers in the world since Conrad Hilton created the brand and company in 1919 with the first Hilton Hotel in Cisco Texas.

They were the first hotel chain to go coast to coast in 1943 and since then they have amassed 540 hotels in seventy-six countries around the world.

The group is run now by Hilton Worldwide, a holding company that has brought some of the most innovative changes to the hotel business. They run one of the largest loyalty schemes in the world, the Hilton HHonours which has grown to encompass partnerships with airlines and car rental companies.

Its because of innovative plans like this that we are confident in saying that the best deals in Hilton hotels are always available from their own websites or as part of the Hilton HHonours reward scheme.

Hilton.co.uk is the companies UK based site and its portal for booking hotels, not only in Great Britain but also the world wide over.

They offer great deals directly on the website like up to 20% off advertised rates when you book three weeks in advance.

One of our favorite deals is their park and fly packages. When you stay the night before and after your flight in a convenient Hilton Airport hotel you receive up to 15 days free parking. If you do not live near to a hotel it can make the commute very easy to handle, especially with small children.

We know that if you do choose any of the Hotel Hilton group you will not regret it!

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