Fine wine and dining experience at the Hotel du Vin & Bistro

If you are looking for a luxury stay during your next holiday break, try the Hotel du Vin & Bistro. There are 14 of them across the UK, each tastefully decorated and equipped with luxurious amenities to offer you a unique stay. Take a look at these hotels and consider them the next time you are planning to go away.

Pamper yourself

Founded in 1994 by Robin Hutson and Gerard Basset, Hotel du Vin Bistro is a luxurious boutique hotel. The brand has won several accolades such as the Best UK Hotel Group from the Guardian/Observer and Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards for 2013 (Hotel du Vin Edinburgh).

1. Locations

Book at any of the following holiday spots to get your unique experiences whilst on holiday:

  • Birmingham – 66 rooms
  • Brighton – 49 rooms
  • Cambridge – 41 rooms and suites
  • Bristol – 40 rooms
  • Edinburgh – 47 rooms
  • Cheltenham – 49 rooms
  • Glasgow – 49 rooms
  • Harrogate – 48 rooms
  • Henley-on-Thames – 43 rooms
  • Newcastle – 42 rooms
  • Poole – 38 rooms
  • Tunbridge Wells – 34 rooms
  • York - 44 rooms
  • Winchester – 24 rooms

2. Amenities

No two hotels are the same and this is true for the Hotel du Vin. When you book in one of the group’s hotels, you will have a different and extraordinary experience. The only common denominator each hotel has with the other is its passion for a fine wine and dining experience. Those who are looking for a unique spa experience should book their stays in Birmingham, Harrogate or Cheltenham. There you will enjoy therapeutic and holistic treatment along with decadent steam rooms and tanning booths.

3. Prices

If you are planning to visit the hotel in Birmingham (a disused eye hospital with its ornate and early Victorian architecture) for Christmas, expect to pay £395 per night for a standard double or twin room. The classic 18th century Hotel du Vin in Winchester is the group’s smallest hotel with 24 rooms only. Enjoy an intimate stay at this hotel with its fabulous Georgian architecture. If you intend to stay at Christmas, the luxurious suite costs £729 per room per stay of 3 nights.

Offers and specials

Hence, whether you simply want to try something different or intend to enjoy a luxurious experience of fine wines and gourmet dining, book a stay at any of the Hotel du Vin & Bistro locations. You can also try their many experiences on offer which varies from sampling the plat du jour and tasting the sommelier’s recommendations to enjoying Friday Tonic and Settle in Sundays specials.

There is an experience waiting for you to savour out there at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Autumn Winter Spa Offer and Autumn Nights. Other specials include Christmas Shopping & Markets, Stay This Christmas, and The Very Best of Christmas.

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