We check out hostels in Amsterdam city centre

Whether you are a young traveller looking to put together a cheap trip around Europe, or else you are putting together a weekend city break in Amsterdam, then the best way to explore the city is by staying at a city centre hostel. Amsterdam is bursting at the gills with quality hostel options, so in this blog we are going to show you where to look to get a great deal on hostels in Amsterdam city centre.

Thanks to a largely centralised city centre and excellent public transport, once you have a place to stay central in Amsterdam, then the whole city is yours to explore. Hostels can be found in the city from as low as £10 per night during the week and around £30 per night, and we have picked out a few that we strongly think you should check out. The first of these is the Flying Pig at www.flyingpig.nl. This hostel is smoke friendly, and is perfect for those on a budget thanks to the large kitchen on the premises. Prices start from around £25 per night.

Another hostel well worth checking out thanks to the excellent facilities is possesses is Bob's Youth Hostel, which you can find online at www.bobsyouthhostel.nl. This site offers the full range of options including private rooms. It is perfect for people out to party as the bar is open from 8am to 3am and there is no curfew. It is highly recommended!

Finally, another centrally located hostel near to the sights and sounds of the famous Red Light District is the Bulldog Hostel, which you can find online at www.bulldoghotel.com. This hostel is right at the heart of the party district, so check it out if you are going to be partying!

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