Top holiday offers to Hoseasons European Parks

We have chosen three of the best holiday offers staying at some of Hoseasons' finest European parks.

The Hoseasons parks in Europe are somewhat different to those in the UK, but they keep up the same excellent standards and are often located amidst some places of real interest.

To find more information about any of the holidays featured here, visit the Hoseasons website at hoseasons.co.uk.

7 nights at the Landal Wirfttal in Germany

Stay in a detached frame lodge two bedroom holiday home (sleeping four people) at the exciting Landal Wirfttal holiday park, complete with an excellent indoor swimming pool, lots of natural landscape, including mountains and rivers, to explore on your holiday, great children's play areas, and a fancy Italian restaurant. Also take the opportunity to travel to the nearby Maastricht, Cologne, Trier and Aachan, all cities with memorable cultures and histories. From only £491 per holiday with Hoseasons.

7 nights at the Landal Dunimar in the Netherlands

Spend a week in one of the quaint terraced bungalows of Landal Dunimar, sleeping four individuals, enjoying a room with all the expected amenities and the beautiful natural environment of the park. Landal Dunimar is located just next to Noordwijk, famous for its beautiful flowers, and indeed the park itself possesses great botanical life including tulips, crocuses, gladioli and sunflowers at different times of the year. Don't forget to take day drips to the nearby cities of Leiden, Delft, Haarlem and Gouda. From just £537 per holiday.

7 nights at the Landal Resort Walensee in Switzerland

Stay in a comfortable two bedroom apartment (accommodating four) at the fine Landal Resort Walensee, one of the most stunning Hoseasons parks with picturesque mountain and lake views. The park has an in built ski lift going up the mountain to the popular ski resort of Flumserberg, and you can hire boats to spend an afternoon on the beautiful lake, or spend some time pampering yourself at the wellness centre. Make sure you find a chance to visit the magical Seerenbach Falls in the town of Betlis. From £840 per holiday.

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