Hop off to Paris last minute

Fancy a shopping weekend with the girls? The Champs Elysee calls with a raft of expensive boutiques and designer shops. A romantic weekend with your partner? Well how about a moonlit boat trip down the River Seine? Or if you just want to act the tourist, Paris has plenty of hotspots and souvenirs for the visitor making it the perfect place to visit on a whim.

We all know what Paris has to offer, but to be honest, one of the reasons that it is just so wonderful to be able to hop across to Paris at a moment’s notice is the macaroons. You just can’t get them anywhere else. La Duree is probably the best known macaroon baker and with four shops across the capital, they sell more than 800 of these sweet treats every day. Made in a rainbow of colours and flavours these pretty pretty confectioneries are synonymous with a world of stylish Parisienne ladies and afternoon tea.

If this has whet your appetite for a shopping trip to La Duree, check out lastminute.com or easyjet for flights to Paris. Just make sure you pick up a box for me too.

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