Hoopoe Yurt Hotel, Spain

Shady groves of cork and olive trees, the Grazalema mountains in the distance, double beds with sheepskin rugs and velvet cushions. You sold yet? No? Ok, solar-powered hot showers and candlelit dinners served poolside in a lantern-lit pergola using produce from the owners garden should do it....

No, this isn’t some 7-star monstrosity in Dubia, but the Hoopoe Yurt Hotel, in Spain. If you don’t know what a yurt is, just follow the description above. Best of all, no young children are allowed, so no other people’s screaming rugrats will be waking you up of a morning, YurtHotel.

If however you happen to be one of those ‘other people’ with the screaming kids in tow, then the oak woodland in the Ardèche Gorge nature reserve is where you might want to bring them.

At the Canvaschic yurt camp in France there are nine yurts with king-size beds and camp beds for kids with three yurts for couples further into the forest. Veggie grub is served up by the owners four nights a week and there's a 10% discount if you arrive by bike or on foot. But that doesn’t mean you park the car around the corner and walk the last 50 yards looking as if you’ve just done the Camino de Santiago.Canvaschic.

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