Hong Kong Disneyland

Mickey Mouse has finally arrived in the “fragrant harbour.” At Hong Kong Disneyland, the magic that has enthralled kids for generations continues in the form of musicals, thrilling rides, and fairytale characters. It is just the place for family entertainment on this side of Asia.

Step inside Fantasyland and meet Winnie the Pooh, Lilo and Stitch, and Goofy. Sleeping Beauty slumbers soundly in her castle, but will gladly wake up and pose for pictures. Kids can go for a spin in the candy-coloured Mad Hatter Tea Cups, while a romantic ride is in store at the Cinderella Carousel. Cling on to Dumbo’s great ears as the Flying Elephant takes off, or take the old-fashioned train around the park grounds.

It’s an outer space adventure in Tomorrowland, where a heart-stopping voyage on Space Mountain is as fast and furious as they come. Obitron offers a gentler jaunt where passengers can steer the rocket themselves. At the UFO Zone, “Unbelievably Fun Objects” aim water guns at unsuspecting victims for laughs all around. Jammitors perform song numbers as they clean streets, making the chore enjoyable and fun.

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The pirate Captain Hook and the evil vizier Jafar rule the eerie swamps of Adventureland. It’s even more frightening in Demon Jungle, where spirits have been awakened by explorers who dared tread on a former burial ground. It’s no less creepy on the Haunted Trail, where zombies and pumpkin men roam at night.

On the Jungle River Cruise, real cobras, hippos, and elephants are among the creatures to see. A theatrical production of the Festival of the Lion King narrates the story of Simba from cub to mighty leader.

Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Chip and Dale are present on Main Street, U.S.A., where the “Art of Animation” allows visitors a peek into the production of Disney films, from drawing board to computer screen. More characters are present at Disney on Parade. High School Musical: LIVE! is a must-see.

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