Dream homes: thatched cottages for sale


When searching for their dream homes, many make thatched cottages for sale the first stop on their search. For certain, this type of home is 'special'; nonetheless sales of dream home thatched cottages can lead to complications. The purchase of this type of house involves factors which can put some people off. However, with some good advice buying one can be a relatively stress-free process.

Listed buildings

One of the first things to check when you have found your dream home thatched cottage on sale, is whether it is a listed building. There are now estimated to be around 60,000 thatched cottages throughout Britain and approximately 75% of these have been registered as listed buildings.

Essentially this means that making any major alterations will be a complicated issue. In fact, should anyone make alterations to their listed property that are deemed to be unacceptable (this can even include thatching the roof with the wrong kind of straw) then not only will they have to remove the alterations, but they will also be liable to receive a hefty fine.

The thatched roof

Many of the complications involved with a thatched cottage type home will revolve around the thatched roof itself. This part of the home will be the part that may require the most care and maintenance. Therefore, once you have found what looks to be your thatched cottage dream home, it may be a good idea to check the type of thatch it has before deciding to buy.

Thatch types

There exist three different types of thatch, each of which has varying durability. The most durable is the Water Reed type, which can last for 50-60 years without major repair. The Combed Wheat type thatch can last for between 25-40 years while the Long straw type has a relatively short life expectancy at 15-25 years.

Searching for dream homes: thatched cottages for sale

To make your search a whole lot easier you can always visit one of the property companies that can be accessed via the web. Among the best of these include Zoopla.co.uk and Primelocation.com. For more information on listed buildings visit Ipoc.co.uk.



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