Homegrown holidays are all the UK rage

The UK is a rich and hallowed land, you should holiday in it. You should go to all the corners and wave at the seagulls. Go to Cardiff and eat at Milgis, go to Edinburgh and look at the lovely castle, go to London, Manchester and Leeds and see the sites, students and squats. Get involved. Get a railcard. Get lucky.

The UK has it all (except weather, cheap booze and white beaches).

Whether you’re travelling by car, boat or bicycle, there are so many things to see in the old U of Kthat you should probably start with some sort of itinerary, or at least a theme to follow. If you like fish, for example, why not try a different cod in every town, wherever you smell grease you will see a sign claiming to be the best in the business. Why not decide for yourself?

Alternatively you can visit galleries, zoos, museums, churches, car parks, relatives. Whatever floats your boat, there’s plenty to see in the UK.

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