Home and away: two city beaches for a getaway break.

If you like to lounge on the beach but your partner gets bored after ten minutes, why not choose a sunny city on the sea for your summer getaway? You can spread out the towel, chill out ice cream in hand and sunbathe to your heart’s delight while your significant other hits the tourist trail. We’ve searched the web and chosen two destinations, as suggested by Lonely Planet, to keep you both happy; one close to home and the other across the pond.

If you’re planning a staycation this year, why not try Brighton and Hove? Brighton must be one of the most vibrant seaside resorts in England, and is just an hour from London. Traditionally a refuge for creative, Bohemian types it’s also a cosmopolitan city with a lively gay community and a considerable student population. Visit the 19th century Royal Pavillion, the famous Pier and 11th century St. Nicholas Church. The beach is pebbly but that doesn’t stop the crowds sunbathing by day and partying by night.

Alternatively, head across the pond to Miami. If you like to hang out with the beautiful people brigade, South Beach is the place to go, but North Miami Beach is where real people live. Windsurfers will be happy on Hobie or Virginia Key beach. Meanwhile your culture-vulture partner will be inspired by the recently opened, huge, Gehry-designed New World Center for the performing arts, the city's beautiful Art Deco District, the city’s diversity and its amazing skyline.

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