Looking for hols to lanzarote from knock?

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Living in the west of Ireland and fancy a holiday in the sun? why not fly form Knock to LanzaroteKnock airport is 3 miles south-west of Charlsetown Co. Mayo.  This gives the airport an ideal location for anyone wishing to travel to Lanzarote from the west coast and the midlands.

Lanzarote, due to the islands beautiful beaches and volcanic locations, is viewed as one of the most popular sun holiday destinations around.

If wanting to fly from Knock to Lanzarote why not look at www.sunway.ie . Ireland's largest travel operator, they offer deals on  many Sun and Winter holidays of which holiday packages to Lanzarote to Knock are included.  Their website is very user friendly and allows to stipulate what you may want as your holiday package. Be it just flight and hotel or just flight.  How many will be in your group, duration, how much you are willing to spend.  When this is done, you are led to a page offering deals of  the quality of accommodation available to you, from two stars to five stars. To show you an example of the kind of deals offered currently, if flying out from Knock on the 13th of August your package would cost  as little as €484 for a 2 star hotel and €1,034 for a five star hotel .

Alternatively, we also looked at www.tripadvisor.com, a website which offers features reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and lots more.  From this website you may find many things to do whilst on your holiday, be it scuba diving, surfing or a relaxed visit to Timanfaya National Park.

So if your looking to take your hols to Lanzarote from Knock, hopefully this information will have helped you

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