Great Holidays with No Single Room Supplement.

Travelers on vacation usually seek to reduce their overall travel costs. Charges that are paid by a traveler can sometimes be subject to single supplement charges by cruise ships or hotels. Many holiday cruises and hotel stays assume that two individuals will occupy a room. Prices are typically set on a double occupancy rate. However, there are holidays with no single room supplement available to solo travelers.

Avoiding Single Room Supplement Charges

Holidays with no single room supplement can reduce your overall room rate between 10 to 100 percent off the double occupancy rates. One way solo travelers can avoid the single room supplement is agreeing to match themselves with another solo traveler. This is often done on cruise ship stays. When staying in hostels, travelers can go on holidays with no single room supplement by rooming with other solo travelers.

Holidays for Single People

Individuals who are traveling alone can find holidays with no single room supplement from Holidays Direct. This company offers vacation destinations to European beaches and the Mediterranean. Customers can get all inclusive holiday packages. The price includes entertainment, food and drink as well as your room. Go on a 7 night stay from London to Crete for £278. Or, stay at the Puerto de la Cruz for £308 for 7 nights. These are just a few of the affordable holidays with no single room supplement for single travelers.

Thomson Holiday Packages

The Thomson travel company offers special holidays with no single room supplement. The company has a variety of packages that are available during the winter season. Some packages include the Hotel Riviera at the Costa del Sol, the Caribbean Village Agador in Morocco and the Nile Discovery Cruise in Egypt. These packages provide hotels and holidays with no single room supplement.

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