Holidays to Turkey from Ireland

You can go on holidays to Turkey from Ireland for a very reasonable price as Turkey is not a expensive place to live in. Turkey is a great place to go for a sunny holiday for all. It has something to do and see that will suit everybody. This beautiful country has so much to offer with its breathtaking natural beauties, archaeological sites and unique history. Turkey has many resorts with beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the rays of the sun throughout the day and part take in the many water sports they have to offer.

The summers in Turkey are long, lasting around eight months in some areas. Turkeys has also beautiful areas to see such as the majestic mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls which attracts the sportive activities seekers. Skiing fans, mountain climbers, trekkers and hikers all enjoy the unforgettable experiences in Turkey. If you are just looking for a relaxing holiday with family and friends and want to enjoy Turkey's good weather and soak up the rays of the sun, go shopping and clubbing at night time, Kusadasi is the place to see. It offers an excellent enviornment for an unforgettable holiday. Kusadasi is the most popular holiday resort in Turkey. It has many sandy beaches with warm clear waters where you can sunbath restfully during the day. The bustling city then come to life during the night, there are many bars, clubs and restaurants to go to where they play all types of music. You are guaranteed to find a place that will be in sync with you. The restaurants serve a variety of fresh seafood fish dishes.

Cheap holidays in Turkey in September can cost from €170. www.aerlingus.ie

Staying at the 3-star Alp Hotel cost from just €4 per night. This hotel is situated in the heart of Kusadasi with a stunning beach just 500 metres away and the Izmir airport is about 75 km from the hotel. The Alp Hotel provides a roof top swimming pool for children and adults, bas, restaurants and a great variety of sports. This hotel is perfect for families and couples who are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holida. Breakfast is also included in the price. www.travelrepublic.ie/

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