Considering holidays to Tunisia? Is it safe

The Arab spring began with long weeks of protest, unrest and violence in Tunisia from January 2011, as the people overthrew an unpopular president. Understandably the tourist industry suffered considerably. Now, low prices and perfect weather are tempting travellers to think about holidays to Tunisia asking is it safe?

The Foreign Office advice is that most visits are trouble-free but that visitors should be aware of the political situation, and potential danger areas.

Tourists are advised to avoid any region within 40km of the the western border with Libya, especially around the border crossings of Dehiba and  Ras Jadir. This is not a traditional tourist area in any case.

Before the October 2011 elections, there is still a possibility of public protests in the main squares of Tunis and other large towns and cities, and tourists are advised to steer clear of these areas. Foreigners are not the targets of protests and violence, but should remain cautious. A curfew was declared in Sidi Bouzid in July because of unrest.

In the eastern and coastal tourist resorts, public order has been restored and holidaymakers are being made to feel particularly welcome after the unrest, as the tourist industry tries to recover.

Tourists are advised to carry their passports or photo ID with them at all times, as proof of identity and nationality. Follow tour operator's instructions, and don't be too surprised if advertised itineraries or tours have to be rejigged or cancelled.

Terrorist attacks in Tunisia cannot be ruled out, and may be indicriminate or targeted at tourist areas. This advice though is not substantially different to that applied to most regions in North Africa, Egypt and the Middle East. A certain sense of perspective is required when considering holidays to Tunisia and wondering is it safe?



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