Interested in holidays to Thailand that are all inclusive?

When it comes to Thailand holidays, more and more people are booking their vacations independently, without the help (or expense!) of travel agents. This has lead to a decline in the numbers of holidays to Thailand that are all inclusive.

But many people still prefer the convenience of having all their meals and accommodation taken care of in advance. And you don't have to budget for food while your away,leaving you with more spending money to hit the clubs, markets and massage parlours.

However, the most popular way to book Thai holidays is to book each sector independently i.e. to book flights from the airline, then book the hotel through a different supplier, and possibly airport transfers or tours through a third supplier. Websites like Expedia allow you to piece together these itineraries and book them all in one place - but you're still essentially making a number of different bookings at once. And these deals are rarely all inclusive.

To find an all inclusive deal, your best bet is usually to head to the travel agents. Pop into your local travel agents to see what they can offer you. An added advantage is that the price they quote will be for departure from your local airport (unless they state otherwise), so you won't have to face the disappointment of seeing holidays advertised at cheap rates only to find out that this is only for an airport on the other side of the country.

Thomas Cook and Thompson Holidays also allow all inclusive bookings through their websites.


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