Tips for Booking Holidays to Portugal

When planning holidays to Portugal, do some research before you start contacting travel companies. Some tourists prefer to stay in more than one city during their travels, while others like to find one area and settle in for a relaxing holiday. Tripadvisor (tripadvisor.co.uk) offers great insight into the different cities and offers reader reviews of the hotels and attractions in each area.

Holiday Packages

Save money on Portugal holidays by purchasing a package that includes airfare, transfers and accommodations. Companies buy space on airlines in bulk leading to lower group rates. Once you're in Portugal, you're free explore the area at your leisure. Cosmos Holidays (cosmos.co.uk) provides package trips to Portugal for as little as ₤170 per day.

If you prefer a guided tour with planned activities, look for escorted trips with companies like Trafalgar Tours. (trafalgarvacation.com) During a guided tour, a tour director travels with your group to different cities offering information about the cities and attractions you might otherwise miss.

Self-catering Villas Vs. Hotels

Look into self-catering villas during your holiday. Instead of paying for a hotel room and then having to go out to restaurants for your meals, you stay in a rental villa. The home offers tremendous privacy and comes with a kitchen stocked with pots and pans. Save your money by shopping at a grocer for a week's worth of supplies and prepare meals yourself. Holiday Lettings (holidaylettings.co.uk) provides a complex listing of properties in every price range.

Benefits to All-inclusive Holidays

All-inclusive resorts cover every possible cost in one package price. Club Med (Clubmed.co.uk) offers packages starting at ₤800 that include your airfare, hotel room, tours to Portuguese cities, child-minding and all meals and beverages. Choose where you wish to dine from a selection of restaurants or bars. Club Med's Da Balaia Resort even has an 18-hole golf course for your enjoyment.

If you like having someone to help you with the language, guided tours are a great choice, otherwise use your creativity to arrange a Portugal vacation that matches your style. Regardless of how you like to travel, a holiday to Portugal will be magnificent with advanced planning.

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