Relax in the Mediterranean with holidays to Menorca from Scotland

Mallorca has the resorts and the upmarket hotels and Ibiza has the club scene and the new age escapes. Menorca has always had a tradition of being the staid one of the Balearic islands. That has meant it has stayed unspoilt and tranquil. Discover its fabulous beaches on holidays to Menorca from Scotland.

Jet 2 (www.jet2.com) offers direct flights to Mahon on Menorca from Edinburgh. Book ahad for the best fares, but we found availability on August 2012 round trips at just £120.48 including taxes. This is based on hand baggage only, so if you plan on packing a lot of outfits, you will have to pay extra.

You can look at Jet2's range of package deals including hotels, but it is not too difficult to arrange your own accommodation through a website like www.hotels.com or www.travelsupermarket.com.

One attractive alternative is to investigate the possibility of camping in Menorca. There are 2 very pleasant and peaceful campsites on the south coast of the island at Son Bou and Cala Galdana.

Son Bou (www.campingsonbou.com) is located 3 km from the beach in a lush forested area with excellent facilities and plenty of space for families. Cala Galdana is close to the beach and has a children's play area, free swimming pool and children's swimming pool. Hire bicycles on site to explore the island.

For more advice on what to do, where to go and what to eat on your holidays to Menorca visit www.menorcaminorca.co.uk.

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