Planning Holidays to Las Vegas From Scotland

People who want to go on holidays to Las Vegas from Scotland will need to decide whether they want to book their own accommodation and flights or if they want to buy a package deal. Buying a package deal is usually the preferred option as it saves travellers the hassle of dealing with flight and hotel bookings. However those who decide to book their own holiday will usually wind up with a cheaper deal than those who buy a package from their travel agent.

One of the best websites to go to for holidays to Las Vegas from Scotland package deals is Virginholidays.co.uk. This website has numerous package deals that include flights and accommodation. Some of their deals are "all inclusive" which means that they also include meals and activities. One good offer that is valid as at the 5th of August 2011 is a package that includes return flights and 5 nights accommodation at the Luxor hotel for £755 per person.

Those who want to book their holidays themselves will find that flights are not all that much cheaper than on a package deal. Currently the cheapest flight from Glasgow to Las Vegas is £490 on the website Cheapflights.co.uk. However those who are prepared to put up with a stopover or two will be able to get a better price. Holidaymakers will generally be able to save money on accommodation if they use a comparison website such as laterooms.com. As Las Vegas is very tourist orientated, there are many great deals on accommodation out there.

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