Holidays to Jersey from Doncaster here!

Holidays to Jersey from Doncaster are easy to come by. Getting a decent price on the whole package is a different story though. We have done a little research and came up with a couple of great deals, check these out.

1. Jersey Travel: The first thing we did was hit up the Jersey Travel (https://www.jerseytravel.com) website to see what they had to offer. Jersey travel offer full package holiday deals to Jersey from just about anywhere in the UK.

We found a trip for a family of 4 on a ferry and we also found some great accommodation too. Three nights in the beautiful Beausite hotel and a trip on the Condor ferry all for only £301.20 in total. The hotel is stunning and highly-rated with their guests so you can expect great service and a room loaded with everything you need. The price covers everyone so this makes it the perfect family getaway, you'll even have a little extra cash to spend!

2. Jersey Travel Service: Jersey Travel Service (http://www.jerseytravelservice.co.uk) is another website that deals in great holidays to Jersey. This time we focused on a romantic getaway for 2. We managed to find a week in Jersey for 2 at only £899. This also includes your flights and accommodation.

6 nights at the Norfolk Lodge, another fantastic 3 star hotel that makes the perfect place for a peaceful week away with your partner. This hotel has a real air of relaxation, mixing modern conveniences with old school design creating the perfect blend.

Your flights will leave from Doncaster on the 10th of July and return on the 17th but of course you can search for better suited dates. They have so much on offer you are sure to find a great low cost trip.

There you have it, two fantastic holiday deals, see what you can find online! Holidays to Jersey from Doncaster, done!

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