Corfu holidays; to hotel skopios!

Holidays to Hotel Skopios are always a great option for Brits going to Corfu. The hotel is low cost, high quality and is in a spectacular location.

Sitting on a beautiful sandy cove on one of Corfu's best beaches the Hotel Skorpios offers families everything they could want from a beach holiday. You are literally sitting overlooking the beach. There are shops around and the city centre is a stone's throw away. Everything you could want is within walking distance.

The hotel has a great outdoor pool where the kids can play safely and there are plenty of bars and restaurants when the adults want to unwind. There is great food and drink all over Corfu but if you don't fancy moving around too much the hotel is fully stocked!

The staff are welcoming and will help you find anything you need on the island. There is so much to see and do why not rent some bikes for the family and cycle around the island. This is a great way to see Corfu, especially if you don't want to be stuck in a car in such heat.

The bedrooms are designed with a focus on comfort. Corfu can get so hot that each bedroom has a large window or balcony along with air conditioning to keep cool during the night. All bedrooms have en-suites and all the mod cons you would expect from a top quality hotel. Large television, satellite, hairdryer and a hot drinks area are just some of the features.

We found great deals like 2 nights for a family at only £250 on the 'Booking' website. This is a great website that wil help you get everything sorted quickly, easily and safely within minutes. Check out the Hotel Skorpios on the Booking website and see if holidays to Hotel Skopios are right hotel for you and your family.

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