Find holidays to Greece from Dublin

Going on holidays to Greece from Dublin and leaving rainy old Ireland behind? Lucky you because Greece and its islands are some of the most picturesque places in the world. In the fishing villages they still manage to maintain their laidback lifestyle relatively untouched by tourism, while larger resorts have embraced the fact that a wide variety of restaurants and activities appeal to all ages. Crete has a fantastic climate, stunning beaches and plenty of history and archaeology to explore. Zante is perhaps a little more relaxed but that all could change soon as holidaymakers are starting to see the benefits of this island.

Clubtravel.ie have a wonderful offer to stay in the Frida Apartments in Crete for seven nights for the brilliant price of £259 per person. These apartments are built on a hill in a gorgeous location next to the countryside with a view to the Cretan sea and the city of Chania. Just 600 metres away from the beach and it also has two beautiful swimming pools which you can relax in while overlooking view of the Cretan Sea. This is the perfect destination for a quiet and relaxing holiday and would be suitable for a couple.

If Crete is not to your liking then try the Contessina Hotel in Zante, This hotel is in the beautiful town of Tsilivi and just 80 km from the beautiful blue flag beach. This stunning resort has a lovely pool and restaurant and is a little bit more expensive at £466 per person for one week from clubtravel.ie but it is well worth it.

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