Going on Holidays to Egypt from Scotland

Egypt is a top world touristic destination and perhaps every one of us dreamt at some point of a holiday in the mystical land of pharaohs. Few countries in the world can match the number of attractions that Egypt has to offer. Most of the famous ancient Egyptian sites are lined up alongside the Nile, the longest river in the world. Visiting the pyramids, exploring the ancient Nubian temples, going on a cruise on the Nile or on Lake Nasser, enjoying the still desert vistas - there are so many things to do and see in Egypt. Holidays to Egypt from Scotland can be easily booked with departures from major Scottish airports.

An all-inclusive package for 7 nights at one of the most famous Egyptian resorts, Sharm El Sheikh, will cost you just £629 if you get it from theholidayplace.co.uk. Flights with departures from Glasgow are included, as well as accommodation offered by the Sol Y Mar Riva Club Hotel. The resort is located in the Sinai Peninsula and enjoys a dry atmosphere, year round sunshine, warm waters and fabulous coral reefs. Countless activities are available, including desert safaris, camel treks and trips to Luxor or Cairo.

Great holidays to Egypt from Scotland can be found at thomson.co.uk. Also all-inclusive, this holiday will cost you just £684 for one week at the Coral Sea Resort. The resort is located in the Nabq Bay, near the Nabq Nature Reserve with its unique mangrove forests. Daily entertainment is offered on site, as well as folklore shows, comedy cabaret, karaoke, Egyptian nights with belly dancing, aqua aerobics, playground area and many others. Top diving, endless sunshine and great nightlife make this resort ideal for families, beach fans and party-goers.

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