Holidays to Croatia from Dublin - some helpful info

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Looking for somewhere to go on holiday this year? Read on for some information on holidays to Croatia from Dublin.


Croatia is located to the southeast of Central Europe and borders the Adriatic Sea. The country is famous for its many national parks and numerous natural lakes. Croatia's Mediterranean climate means that it has hot, dry summers with temperatures reaching up to 29 degrees. Popular tourist destinations in Croatia include the capital and largest city Zagreb and the beautiful coastal city of Dubrovnik.


Aer Lingus provide non-stop flights from Dublin to Dubrovnik. The flight duration is just over 3 hours and there are 4 departures every week. Flights depart at 6.50 am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Ryanair fly from Dublin to Zadar. Prices for this flight range from around €100 to €200 each way.


When going on holidays to Croatia from Dublin it is worth booking a hotel reservation before you leave. The Hotel Ariston in Dubrovnik is located in a private beach setting and is just a twenty minute bus ride to the city centre. The hotel has a restaurant with a terrace offering views of the Adriatic and there is an outdoor lounge bar. The Palace Hotel is located in the centre of Zagreb that offers excellent services and friendly staff. Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel and is free of charge. Prices start from €50. The Hotel Mediteran in Zadar is located just a 10 minute walk from the beach and 4 kilometres from the city centre. All rooms are air conditioned with satellite TV and a mini-bar.

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