Top Holidays to Corfu from Dublin

The Greek island of Corfu is home to some of the finest beaches and blessed with sunshine year round.

Little wonder that it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

While many commonly mistake the island as being in the Mediterranean it is in fact in the smaller Ionian sea. The Ionian see plays host to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving that Europe has to offer which just adds to the island paradise atmosphere that Corfu gives off.

Corfu itself is also home to numerous holiday resorts on the eastern and western coasts whilst the finest beaches and the most scenic areas are in the southern district of Kavos.

Its in no doubt that everyone should visit Corfu at least once but how to get there and who to travel with are the important remaining questions about Holidays to Corfu from Dublin.

SunHolidays.ie are one of the companies that we would always recommend consulting. They offer dozens of hotels in various resorts around the island with prices from as little as €384 per person sharing.

FalconHolidays.ie have been bringing Irish people on holidays to Corfu for over two decades and are a named to be trusted. While they can be a little bit more expensive than their counterparts but they do offer higher quality accommodation and if you book with plenty of notice you can get very competitive prices such as €399 per person sharing for a 3 star quality accommodation.

For the best prices shop around, bon voyage!

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