Book Holidays to Bulgaria

Holidays to Bulgaria can give you an insight into how people live in eastern Europe. Bulgaria boasts the gorgeous sandy Black Sea Coast which has stunning beaches and bays to choose from. There is also a huge portion of Bulgaria that remains largely unexplored by tourists and is waiting to delight you. With mountains to trek and hike, many beautiful and old churches and monastries and history stretching back 13 centuries there is much to see and experience once you touch down in Bulgaria.

If you are looking at holidays to Bulgaria then there is always the cheap option of booking your own flights and accomodation separate rather than going through a travel agency offering packages. Ryanair fly to Plodiv directly from London - Stansted and if you fly on a Saturday then you can book flights from £39.99 one-way. These low prices mean that a 7 night stay leaving on a Saturday and returning the following Saturday is possible for around £80 return. Plovdiv can offer a more off the beaten track option than the tried and tested Sofia and as Ryanair only fly into Plovdiv then this works out well for your wallet.

For accomodation you can visit www.booking.com to find yourself a deal on hotels in Plovdiv.  You can search your dates and you will be returned a list of hotels with rooms available. You can organise these by most popular to least popular or simply by cheapest to most expensive. 7 nights from Saturday to the following Saturday can be found from just £135 with plenty of other options should you require a more luxurious hotel room.

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