Holidays in Thailand: top Phuket attractions

Planning your holidays in Thailand? Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches, but there is plenty more to keep you entertained! These are four of the best attractions on the island...

Phuket Town - Phuket town has recently been designated as a city, although it retains the atmosphere of a bustling provincial town. The best way to explore is on foot. Wander through the streets and see the stoic monks on their daily alms, market traders haggling with customers and good restaurants where locals and tourists mingle. Old Phuket Town is lined with coffee houses and galleries.

Wat Chalong - Phuket has 29 Buddhist temples, but Wat Chalong is the most important. The architecture is typical of wats found throughout Thailand. Many Buddhists come here to be blessed by the monks and receive a good luck charm. Wat Chalong is definitely recommended if you want to learn a little about Thai culture and traditions.

Jungceylon Shopping - Jungceylon is Phuket's ultimate shopping and leisure destination. It's located right on Patong Beach adn has more than 300 shops and dozens of dining options. There's also a bowling alley and a cinema. Jungceylon is open late every night (10pm May - Oct and 11pm Nov - Apr).

Phuket Butterfly Garden Insect World - Phuket Butterfly Garden was a pleasant surprise. Apparently it's one of the world's best butterfly gardens, and although we're not experts on the subject, we won't argue with that. It's the largest butterfly garden in Thailand and has a clear emphasis on conservation and sustainability.


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