Holidays in Thailand for 2012

Wondering what your options are for holidays to Thailand in 2012? If you book well in advance you could experience almost any side of Thailand that you want to see, and you can do it all at a reasonable price. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Beach bum holidays: If you want to spend a fortnight on a beautiful beach, staying at a luxury hotel and never being too far from the comforts of home, we recommend Phuket or Koh Samui. Both of these islands have their own airports and plenty of luxury hotels. There are lots of tourists, but both islands are big enough to escape the crowds and find a quiet bay all to yourself. You can also enjoy all the benefits that a tourist area offers, such as great night life, plenty of convenience stores and the availability of western goods.

Culture holidays: Don't get us wrong, there's as much Thai culture on an island as there is in a temple, but if you want to get a snapshot of the culture in a week or two, we recommend that you head north. Bangkok itself is a great place to start - and a river cruise to the floating markets will let you see another side to Thailand. There are also lots of temples, monuments and museums. North again to Chaing Mai and you'll find yourself in Thailand's artistic capital. This is also a good place to take a Thai cooking class or a trek to meet the northern hill tribes.

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