Discover Holidays Sunset Bulgaira

Holidays Sunset Bulgaira can fulfill your dream of an enchanting summer holiday. Sunset properties are situated near Sunny beach and Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. To make your holidays memorable, sunset holidays offer world class sunset apartment, palace and hotels near sunny beaches. All of their properties are equipped with world class facilities like pools, gymnasiums, bars, restaurants and shuttle buses.

Sunny beach, Kosharitsa, Nessebar, St Vlas and Bourgas are most attractive places in Bulgaria for tourists and sunset properties situated very close to them. Your holiday will start from the Bourgas airport. British Airways, Wizz Air, Bulgaria Air, First Choice and Balkan Airlines are operating there. You can start your trip from Manchester or Bournemouth. From the airport it is only half an hour trip to the sunny beach resorts.

Holidays Sunset Bulgaira has luxurious apartments at Kosharitsa and Zefir beach hotel, Laguna park hotel, Hotel diamond, Hotel Belleville, Palace hotel, Sunny day hotel, Kalofer beach hotel in the Sunny beach. Car rent, internet connection, pool, BBQ and many more facilities are present in these sunset hotels and resorts. Weekly costs depend on the type of accommodation and travel packages. It starts from £200 per week. Self catering holiday apartments with swimming pool may costs up to £390 per week.

There are several travel packages for sunset holidays Bulgaria covering all expenses. For a family vacation in Bulgaria, sunset holiday packages are available at £360 for 3 or 7 days. For more information about sunset holidays you can visit: http://sunset-holidays.net and http://sunsetbulgaria.com.






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