Holidays in Perth Australia: explore Margaret River

Australia's South West is simply stunning. So if you are planning holidays in Perth Australia and have a day to spare, hire a car or book a trip to Margaret River.

Here are some of the highlights of a day trip itinerary from Perth...

Set off early from Perth, travelling along the new Forrest Highway to the coastal town of Bunbury. Have the chance to see the famous Bunbury dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Centre just a couple of minutes from the city centre.

Stop in pretty Busselton for lunch. Take a walk along the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere, which juts for two kilometres into the azure waters of Geograhphe Bay. There is a discovery centre at the end of the pier (although at the time of writing it is closed for refurbishment).

Enjoy the coastal scenery at Canal Rocks, taking in pristine white sandy beaches, ragged rock formations and aquamarine bays.

Next up is Caves Road, home to many of Margaret River's premier vineyards and cellar doors. It's a scenic drive with plenty of boutique cafes to stop for afternoon tea. If you have time to spare, visit the beautiful limestone caves. Cathedral Cave and Lake Cave are particularly impressive.

Stop for a tasting at some of the region's best wines. The Leeuwin Estate is one of the most famous, but you'll pass dozens of others too. If your sweet tooth is stronger than your nose for wine, don't miss the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Delicious!


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