Things to do on Holidays in Paris

  • The ArtistFor those with an artistic passion, take time during your holidays in Paris to enjoy a visit at the Lourve. This museum consists of approximately 35,000 different exhibits for the aspiring artist or art lover to enjoy. Admission costs €14 for admission to both temporary and permanent exhibits within the museum.If you desire a more family-oriented art museum, consider visiting the Centre Pompidou (centrepompidou.fr). This museum focuses on introducing children and adults to modern architecture, art and design. It features a hands-on learning experience for children from ages 6-12. Admission is free to kids under 18, and €10-12 for adults.
  • The Shopping LoverShopping lovers will enjoy the unique atmosphere of Paris concept stores. These stores contain a certain je ne sais quoi that you will not find in the department stores. Consider staple concept stores like Colette, Merci and L’Eclaireur.However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you like the reliability and familiarity you trust with popular department stores, head out to the Boulevard Haussmann, Paris' most popular department store shopping district.
  • The MusicianParis features a lively jazz scene. Any music lover, hobbyist or professional will enjoy an evening in one of Paris' jazz clubs. Make your way down the left bank to come across a variety of clubs, including traditional clubs like Caveau de la Huchette. On the other side of the river you will find the infamous Au Duc des Lombards (ducdeslombards.com), which features renowned musicians as well as upcoming local talent.

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