Why Travelers Should Book Holidays online

People who are not computer savvy or feel comfortable using travel agents often do not book their holidays online. This can be a mistake as travel agents charge higher prices than online travel stores.

One of the biggest benefits of booking holidays online is that travelers get a degree of flexibility that they miss out on when they book with a travel agent. For example people who book online have access to both full service and budget airlines. Those who book their holiday through a travel agent will only be offered full service air carrier flights as travel agents do not make a commission from selling tickets on airlines such as Ryanair or Air Asia. People who book on the internet can use websites such as Kayak.com and Expedia.co.uk to search for flights. These websites look for the lowest priced flights online and present a list of results to the user.

Booking accommodation on the internet is also cheaper than booking it offline. This is also due to the fact that travelers will not have to pay agency commissions on their bookings. Online shoppers can also take advantages of last minute deals on websites such as Lastminute.com as well as Shortbreaks.com. Many hotels also offer a cheaper deal to people who sign up to their website and book online. The best way to get access to these deals is to go to the website of a hotel and sign up for their newsletter. Travelers will then get an e-mail when special offers come up.

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