Enjoy a fantastic experience with holidays to Malta from Dublin

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Malta lies right at the heart of the Mediterrenean, between Sicily and North Africa. Holidays to Malta from Dublin allow you to combine the attractions of modern resorts and sandy beaches with rocky coastlines and lanscapes that seem almost timeless.

Malta is home to eclectic Mediterranean cuisine, upmarket marinas, exuberant festivals and a vibrant cafe culture. The beach resorts, water sports and nightlife are for those who enjoy activity, but Malta can be as tranquil and laid-back as anywhere in Europe.

Mercury Direct provide direct flight holidays from Dublin to Malta. They offer really competitive prices on flights, hotels, self-catering complexes and all-inclusive packages.

They fly Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from Dublin at 07.15, and on Monday and Thursday at 15.35. Outbound flying time is approximately 3.5 hours and visas are not required for Irish Passport holders.

They are fully bonded and licensed which means your package holiday from Ireland is fully protected. Your local travel agent can help you book your Mercury Direct holiday. Alternatively you can call them free on 1800 805 515.

Concorde Travel also offer direct flight package holidays from Dublin to Malta. You can avail of Free Child Places, Group Discounts and Early Booking Discounts travelling with them.

To book a holiday with them you can visit your local travel agent or call 01 775 9300 and one of their travel specialists will advise and assist you with queries and bookings.

Checking out travel sites such as Clubtravel.ie, kingtravel.ie and letsgotravel.ie can produce some really good offers on holidays to Malta from Dublin. You can book a 7 night stay in a three star hotel for €350 with letsgotravel in September.


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