Find yourself some bargain holidays leaving tomorrow!

Are you in a position to just pack your bags tomorrow and head off to the sun for a well deserved break? If you are Ice Lolly has loads of holidays leaving tomorrow available at unbelievable prices! Due to cancellations there is usually a few very cheap holidays available if you can leave within the next few days. As you are hoping to leave tomorrow you could get flights and accommodation for 7 nights for as little as £60 per person!

Icelolly.com is a holiday comparison website. This means that when you search for a holiday, Ice Lolly are actually searching all of the UK's leading providers of holidays to get you the best holiday possible at the best price. You easily compare prices from numerous holiday providers! They have loads of unbeatable offers for holidays leaving tomorrow including:

  • 7 nights from London Gatwick to Laganas, Zakynthos in Greece. You will stay in the 3 star Dimis Studios. This holiday costs only £60 per person leaving tomorrow morning!
  • 7 nights from Manchester to Tenerife South. You will stay in 3 star accommodation that is located on a beach. This trip costs just £72 per person!
  • 14 nights in Zakynthos departing from London Gatwick. This 3 star accommodation includes a balcony room and breakfast each morning. This is a bargain at just £99 per person!

As you can see, holidays leaving tomorrow can be bought for pennies! To take a look at what holidays you can find, simply log onto icelolly.com.


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