Find the cheapest holidays leaving this week here!

To get the cheapest possible sun holidays you should take a look at holidays leaving this week. There are loads of holiday comparison websites that specialise in the sale of last minute deals. Last minute deals become available due to cancellations and holidays that have simply not been sold in time. Using these holiday comparison websites, you can save up to 80% on the price of your holiday.

Sunshine.co.uk have loads of holidays leaving this week available on their website. Their holidays are updated throughout the day as new cancellations become available. Some of their most recent cheap holidays leaving this week include:

  • 7 nights in the Algarve, Portugal staying in the 3 star Bayside Salgados Apartments. This package is based on 4 adults sharing. The hotel has recently been renovated and all rooms now include air conditioning and a balcony. This holiday departs from either Belfast or Manchester and can be yours for only £85 per person.
  • 7 nights in a 3 star hotel in the Costa Del Sol. You will stay in a quality hotel that is allocated on arrival. All airport transfers are included and your flights are with Easyjet from either Belfast or London. Based on 4 people sharing, this holiday can be yours for just £109 per person.

As you can imagine, these holidays won't hang around forever! There are loads more deals similar to the ones above. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself onto sunshine.co.uk and find yourself a holidays leaving this week!

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