Top destinations for holidays in the UK

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If you are going on holiday abroad this year there are some great places to go in the UK. The following are some of the top destinations for holidays in the UK.

The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is home to a number of resorts that have been popular holiday destinations since Victorian times. The area is well known for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes. In more recent years travel companies have started to focus on its natural heritage, including both wildlife and geology. The island is also popular among walkers and hikers and the annual walking festival attracts a lot of visitors. It is easily accessible by ferry from Portsmouth and Lymington.


The county of Cornwall is located in the south west of England. The area's unique culture, magnificent landscape and mild climate appeal to over 5 million visitors each year. The area is surrounded by coastline and there are some excellent beaches. The beaches at Newquay and Porthtowan are popular among surfers. There are a range of accommodation options in the region including hotels, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks and camping sites.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are located in the northwest of Scotland. The area is dominated by mountain ranges and is well known for its rugged beauty. The area is particularly popular with hill walkers and hikers. There are also many log cabins for rent in the area such as the Kinnaird Cabins in Perthshire. Prices range from around £395 for three night stays to £595 for week long holidays.

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