Thinking of holidays in scotland in log cabins?

Log cabins in Scotland: why they make the perfect holiday accommodation

Holidays in Scotland and log cabins just go together perfectly. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, log cabins are just as comfortable as any hotel but they are self-catering, giving you maximum independence. Secondly, their commonest location are far from the usual tourist centres amongst the hubbub of Scotland’s main towns and cities. You’ll find yourself living right in the heartland of Scottish rural tranquillity, surrounded by wildlife.

One aspect commonly commented on by visitors who have enjoyed a Scottish log cabin holiday is how peaceful the experience is: waking up to birdsong or deer calling, rather than traffic.

Where can I find the best log cabins for my Scotland holiday?

Log cabins are located right across Scotland, from the Lowlands to the Highlands and Islands. A typical site to begin your search might be Log Cabins Scotland, who offer 2 or 3 bedroom lodges in locations as diverse as Aberfoyle (less than an hour’s drive from Glasgow, and with prices starting at £550) to Ullapool, on Scotland’s far north-western coast (where you can book 7 nights for just £360).

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What facilities will my log cabin provide for my Scottish holiday?

Aside from the priceless views, holidays in Scotland log cabins are fully-fitted with everything from washing machines to wi-fi access.Most cabins will be situated within easy reach of other amenities, everything from golf courses to fishing, mountain biking to birdwatching.

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