Sun holidays in Portugal from Ireland

Holidays in Portugal from Ireland does not have to be expensive as Portugal is not a dear place to live in. No matter what type of holiday you are seeking, Portugal has something to offer everybody who visits here.

It is filled with amazing landscapes, vineyards and beautiful beaches. Portugal offers hot summers, delicious foods and a very welcoming atmosphere. Discover the delights of the capital historic city of Lisbon, seek out the lush landscape of Madeira, or relax in the sun drenched Algarve. The Algarve is one of Europe's favorite holiday destinations, it is well known for its all year round sunshine and excellent sandy beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches in the Algarve, often some of the best are hidden away from the more popular visited ones. Watch out for the word "Praia", this means beach in Portuguese.

If you want to explore Portugal and learn about its history and visit its main attractions there are many tours on a daily basis from just €18. There are full day and half day tours. www.algarve-tours-excursions.com Travel by day and party by night. The Algarve is well known for its cosmopolitan nightlife with its many bars and clubs. Once the sun has gone down and the beaches empty the choices of the Algarve nightlife begin to beckon. Albufeira is where you should go if your idea of night life is to stay out until the early hours. There are also many waterside restaurants if you wish to just spend your evening relaxing and enjoying good food. These waterside restaurants mainly serve fresh fish 'cataplana' which is a local shellfish specialty. There are many restaurants that play live fado music and have regional folk dancing also.

Holidays in Portugal from Ireland can cost from €87 for flights.    www.ryanair.ie

Staying at the 4-star Estalagem Do Guadiana Hotel in the Algarve can cost from just €19 per night including breakfast. The hotel is situated in the historic village of Alcoutim which has many beautiful sights within walking distance from the hotel. Each room has their own private bathroom/shower, telephone, TV, balcony and air conditioning. There is also a swimming pool and tennis court on the grounds of the hotel. www.travelrepublic.ie/Guadiana




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