Holidays in Luxembourg

Legend has it Siegfried, the Count of Ardennes, was betrothed to a mermaid. He didn’t get to marry her, but he certainly founded a country that seems plucked right out of a fairytale. Once a stronghold called Lucilinburhuc, Luxembourg is a holiday getaway that is ripe for the picking.

The Fish Market may not sound terribly glamorous, but the oldest district in the city holds a considerable number of historical buildings. More narratives are told in Robert Krieps Building or Tutesall, its past as bleak as its present is bright. This used to be a military hospital and a prison, where inmates were tasked to glue paper bags. It is now a venue for theatrical events. Man and his environment are the subjects of choice at the National Museum of Natural History. Contemporary art, on the other hand, is the highlight of Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (Mudam), an equally modern edifice.

All the action happens at William Square, where the Town Hall and tourist office are located. People flock to the concerts and celebrations held here, but the markets certainly have their own fans too. Place d'Armes or the “Parlour of the City” is another place for meeting and greeting, and where people-watching is possible from the outdoor cafés.

For a little one-on-one with nature, promenade along the City Garden, where flowerbeds are not only things to greet you, but historical monuments as well. The Pedestrian Precinct is great for a little retail therapy. Aside from a string of boutiques, restaurants also line the avenue. By the Alzette River, in the Lower Towns of Clausen and Grund, the descendants of the early craftspeople who settled here have made it their party areas of choice.

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